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Pandemic – How to Overcome the Stress of Being on Lockdown?

Pandemic – How to Overcome the Stress of Being on Lockdown?

As the pandemic overran the healthcare systems of every country, the best solution governments and scientists have come up with is a lockdown. Although it has proven to be the right way to keep healthcare facilities from overcrowding, it has also caused stress and anxiety in people that are forced to stay at home.

Are You Stressed Out and Don’t Know it?

Pandemic How to Overcome the Stress of Being on Lockdown stressed woman - Pandemic - How to Overcome the Stress of Being on Lockdown?

Stress oftentimes goes by undetected, as many people aren’t aware that some of its symptoms are rather subtle. Meanwhile, stress takes a toll on your physical and mental health.

If you have been getting irritable, feeling anxious, over-eating, or even finding it hard to focus on regular tasks, you might be stressed out.

How Can You Overcome that Sneaky Stress?

Pandemic How to Overcome the Stress of Being on Lockdown meditation - Pandemic - How to Overcome the Stress of Being on Lockdown?

To keep your body and mind healthy and performing optimally, there are some simple steps you can take.


If you are looking for a way to regain focus on what’s important, your family, your health, a roof over your head, or making it out of tough spots, meditation is a great ally. Turn the world out and start doing breathing exercises to reconnect with your very core.

Reading Your Favorite Book

Take your mind off of the fact that you can’t go out by engaging in your favourite book and travelling to a different world with your favourite character’s adventures.

Work Out

Try to work out every day following a routine that fits your body and your requirements, it can be high or low intensity. This is especially useful if you are fighting against over-eating.


Although the most advanced yoga routines seem a bit challenging, even the easiest ones combine elements of meditation with low intensity work out. Kill two birds with one stone and enjoy yourself while doing so.

Get Lost in Cooking

If you are struggling with overeating and love cooking, you can browse around the net for healthy meals and get lost in the process of making them. Yet another winning combo of tackling two issues at once.

Magnesium Baths

If you don’t have a bath, you can just prepare a vessel and soak your feet in magnesium. This will help you relax your muscles and relieve stress as you relax and enjoy it.

The key to overcoming the stress of being on lockdown is to refocus your spare time and engage in activities that help you reconnect with yourself, taking your mind off of it. Remember that you get better results if you do these at least once a day.

Overpopulation and Today’s Troubled World

by CSPC 2016
Overpopulation and Today’s Troubled World

If you have heard of overpopulation, then you know it refers to the fact that right now there are more humans on earth than there are resources to support our quality of life.

Why Now? Why in Our Time?

One of the main factors that have contributed to overpopulation is the fact that we now live longer than ever. Healthcare advancements, improvements in the sanitary conditions, our diets, and even the increased use of agriculture, all help us live longer.

The Ugly

But it is not all coming from positive advancements, some of the most terrible problems also keep our population rates increasing at an alarming speed. The use and abuse of child labour is a prime example, given that families are keen to have more kids to have more working hands to provide. This makes them all poor and miserable.

How Does This Affect Us?

If you think overpopulation only affects impoverished countries or communities, one look at the bigger picture will surely change your mind. Oftentimes, the consequences of overpopulation are suffered by the entire world’s population whether directly or indirectly.

Epidemics and Pandemics

Society has painfully been reminded today of the fact that crowded places favour contagion of disease and lead to epidemics and pandemics. Add to this the increased poverty rates that lead to malnutrition and poor immune systems, and you have the perfect formula for viruses to spread successfully.

Struggling for Resources

Although Africa is famous for facing droughts that lead its people to have to walk miles every day for a bucket of water, you can see water issues all over the globe.

Increased Violence

As overpopulation triggers high poverty rates and a struggle to find basic resources, there has been an increased amount of violence in civilian life as people fight for their needs. Wars are also fought in the name of securing resources like oil and territory. The scarcer they are, the more brutal and frequent war becomes.

Both governments and scientists have been putting their heads together to come up with solutions, which include better education. But it is up to you to bring awareness to your community and helps us make these measures a reality. If you want help, remember that you can contact us at CSPC 2016.

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