About CSPC 2016 - About CSPC 2016

Our company is all about science policy and the ways it benefits society in today’s troubled world. We deal with topics as broad as health care, environmental issues, weaponry, entertainment, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and even psychology, among others.

Our Little Scientific Community

The people working to keep CSPC 2016 running are mostly scientists in different fields, with degrees in medicine, sociology, anthropology, and other sciences. We all met at an online forum of people that wanted to apply scientific developments in their communities and struggled to find ways for achieving this goal.

CSPC 2016 was born because we knew that putting our heads together would lead to better results than trying to make it on our own. In the end, all we want is to share our knowledge with the world in a safe and friendly environment that allows people to better understand what’s happening out there.

Serving the Public

Our main goal is to serve the general public, by educating and providing science-based solutions to the challenges that communities face all around the globe. We are committed to our responsibility as scientists to make the world a better place and to empower society.

Accuracy is key to us at all times, as we know that inaccurate information and news can do more harm than they will ever do good. All the scientists in our team confide in each other, sharing different opinions, research papers, and experiences, all aimed at ensuring an accurate result.

Hiring Us

If you are starting to see why you could use our help, you must know that we provide our services entirely free of charges. We feel that low-income communities will make satisfactory progress in the way they handle their issues, with our guidance. That’s why we invite everyone to access our articles, e-books, interactive guides, and more.

For more information about what we do, who we are, and how to contribute to our educational cause, please refer to our Contact Information to answer your inquiries. We have only the best in science policy and want to share it with you.